Relationship Management

AgFirst Relationship Managers (RMs) serve as a liaison between the Bank and the Association. RMs bridge the gap between business and technology, making the appropriate connections between various disciplines at the Association and the Bank.

Each Association receives a designated RM. Each RM is responsible for a limited number of Associations, which allows for responsiveness and customized attention. Onsite visits allow RMs to better understand Association business processes and needs. RMs, in turn, share these needs with the appropriate teams within AgFirst. Association visits to the Bank are welcomed and encouraged as they serve to further strengthen the partnership.

Our RM team serves on a range of committees, workgroups and District initiatives. The RM team is a conduit for sharing ideas and best practices within the AgFirst District and serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration among Associations and the Bank.

The RM team works to understand each Association’s individual business processes, market and philosophies, and is committed to being the Association’s advocate.

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets department manages the Bank’s commercial loan portfolio. The department works in partnership with other lenders, such as commercial banks, insurance companies, Associations and other Farm Credit Institutions, to deliver credit to the agribusiness industry.

Individual Capital Markets loan officers are assigned to a specific industry specialty, such as dairy, timber, grains, nursery, energy, telecom, broilers, hogs, turkey, sugar or citrus. With their industry expertise and connections, Capital Markets loan officers serve as a resource for Associations and also offer support for local and regional advocacy efforts.

The Capital Markets unit provides support to the Associations, including the purchase of Association overlines. AgFirst also serves as a conduit focusing on building Association volume by selling sub-participations in large, high-quality, multi-lender agribusiness loans. AgFirst supports this service through our Advanced Commercial Banking System (ACBS) loan servicing system. This system has been configured to support the automated purchase and sale of loan assets among AgFirst and our affiliated Associations. This enables purchases, sales and ongoing loan actions and servicing to be facilitated by AgFirst, allowing Associations to monitor activity in ACBS rather than requiring them to process transactions in the system.

As of December 2014, AgFirst serviced a $9.3 billion portfolio with a total exposure of $7 billion and maintained an average daily balance of more than $3.6 billion. Over the last decade, the Capital Markets portfolio has cumulatively generated more than $528 million of net profit to AgFirst, which is important to offset the cost of providing market leading services and systems to AgFirst Associations.

The Capital Markets unit is committed to providing dependable, value-added services and market competitive products to Associations and their customers.

Correspondent Lending

The Correspondent Lending department was established to provide competitive Fannie Mae and Farmer Mac eligible products, experienced secondary market underwriting and inexpensive funding, along with compliance reviews and closing document preparation to participating Associations. We provide Associations with a menu of services that can be used in providing rural home loan financing to potential borrowers. This gives your Association the ease of selecting services that are just right to fit your needs.

Our Services:

  • Products – AgFirst provides participating Associations with reasonably priced Fannie Mae and Farmer Mac eligible mortgage loans for borrowers looking to build or purchase their new home or refinance an existing mortgage or other debts. Our increased offering of adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) or fixed rate mortgages are priced similar to customers in urban areas, but have underwriting guidelines tailored to rural homeowners.
  • Compliance – We review all loans throughout the process for compliance. Loans are reviewed for RESPA, TILA, HPML and QM in order to ensure adherence to the correct timelines, documentation, closing and servicing requirements.
  • Underwriting – With experienced secondary market underwriters on staff at AgFirst, Associations do not need to worry about the investment needed to develop these skills in their employees. These services are available as needed and reduce a Correspondent’s contractual obligations.
  • Loan Processing and Closing – AgFirst provides mortgage loan processing and closing document preparation to participating Associations, freeing up your staff to focus on loan origination.
  • Loan Servicing – We offer reduced cost loan servicing to participating Associations and handle HPML escrow account management.

All of the services provided by AgFirst are competitively priced. This allows Association personnel to focus on all-important business creation rather than administrative tasks associated with the mortgage process.