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Telling the Farm Credit story to Congress is vital to protect our shared mission of supporting rural communities and agriculture. Our Legislative Services department is dedicated to partnering with Associations to educate members of Congress on the mission and value of Farm Credit. The department provides the following training and education:

  • Political Advocacy Training:
    Focuses on why advocacy is important to the Farm Credit System, how to be politically active, proper protocol and etiquette when meeting with members of Congress, how to tell the Farm Credit story effectively, using political action committee funds properly, and the importance of reputation management from a political standpoint.
  • Washington Experience Program:
    Intended for new hires, interns and experienced employees from throughout the District to further educate them on the legislative and regulatory aspects of the Farm Credit System, recent legislative efforts and how to tell the Farm Credit story. Participants may interact with staff from other ag groups, USDA, White House Rural Council, House and Senate Agricultural Committee, and Farm Credit Administration (FCA).
  • New Director Legislative Orientation:
    A condensed version of the Washington Experience designed to educate new Association and Bank directors about the legislative aspect of the Farm Credit System and efforts within the District.
  • New Employee Legislative Orientation:
    Educates new employees about the importance of Congress to the Farm Credit System and the District’s legislative efforts.

Legislative Services also assists Associations with better understanding congressional member profiles, scheduling visits with members of Congress, developing talking points for presentations, assembling pertinent fact sheets, and developing issue papers. The team provides daily updates on legislative issues and interim updates when issues arise that have a significant impact on or may be of interest to Associations.