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Customer and loan data is stored in our secure Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which is designed to simplify the process of report writing, allowing Associations to spend more time analyzing data and less time writing complex reports.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

EDW provides the reports and analytics that support a variety of Association business functions, including loan accounting and operations, credit, marketing, special asset management, compliance and audit.

Easy Data Access

Through an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface, Associations can quickly access the last 22 business days of customer and loan data and any month-end data set from the past five years. EDW automatically aggregates data related to a single customer as it is loaded from multiple systems, enabling analysts to see total customer exposure with one simple search.

Custom Data Sets

EDW can also be extended to support Associations’ unique business needs. Associations can add custom data sets, eliminating the need to keep local copies of spreadsheets and databases with customer loan data.

Report Writing

Report writers can use the Microsoft SSRS report writing tools to create sophisticated reports, choosing from a smart library of more than 100 standard options that can be customized. Reports can be delivered to users via Microsoft SharePoint for easy access.

Report Archiving

A single portal allows Associations to access reporting from financial, loan accounting and EDW systems. This tool provides enterprise report distribution, historical report archiving and overall report management. Association-specific reports can also be sent automatically to specified printers after nightly processing cycles, making information available for use each morning.

Document Imaging

AgFirst provides each Association with its own instance of the DocuPhase™ imaging system so they can scan and import documents into a centralized document repository hosted in the AgFirst Data Center. Easily store and import loan files, accounts payable documents, accounting documents, corporate documents and more.

Loan File Management

AgFirst developed a customized software interface for storing and managing loan files, called AgDocs®, which integrates imaging with the loan origination system and Enterprise Data Warehouse. This provides powerful capability that ensures document keywords are automatically updated when there are changes in the loan system. For example, after a loan file is loaded into the system, its indexes are updated any time there is a change to the loan amount, branch number, servicing loan officer number or maturity date.

Instant Document Availability

Documents that are scanned at a branch location are instantly available to all authorized Association users – regardless of location. Documents can be easily indexed and categorized, making them accessible and manageable.

Search Functionality

Documents are indexed based on the unique business needs of each Association. The system has a sophisticated search capability that makes retrieving stored documents quick and easy for Associations.

Stringent Security

Electronic storage allows Associations to better secure their important documents. The system has state-of-the-art security features that allow Associations to restrict access to defined documents based on different user roles. Documents related to loans specific to officers, directors or employees can be restricted to specified users. This ensures a high level of confidentiality for sensitive documents.

Storage Capacity

AgFirst’s imaging system currently has more than 9 million documents in its repository with more than 100,000 new documents added each month. Associations are not charged for server storage of their documents.

Automated Business Processes

AgVUE (Virtual, Uniform and Efficient) is an award-winning business process management platform that Associations can use to automate a variety of key business processes, including loan approval, check requests, appraisal requests, standards of conduct certification, and employee onboarding and offboarding. AgVUE has a powerful workflow designer that has been proven to handle even the most complex business processes.

Association employees access AgVUE through an intuitive central web portal or a mobile app, making it a one-stop shop for accessing, monitoring and reporting on their business processes. The AgVUE portal offers several key business benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency through reduced data re-keying.
  • Improved accuracy through an automated workflow process, the ability to pull data directly from the Enterprise Data Warehouse and precise workflow process documentation.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics to help identify workflow bottlenecks for easy redirection.
  • Quick implementation. Business processes typically can be developed and deployed in less than six weeks in this rapid development platform.