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AgFirst Relationship Managers (RMs) serve as liaisons between the Bank and the Association. RMs bridge the gap between business and technology, making the appropriate connections between various disciplines at the Association and the Bank. Each Association receives a designated RM, and each RM is responsible for a limited number of Associations, which allows for responsiveness and customized attention. The RM team works to understand each Association’s individual business processes, market and philosophies, and is committed to being the Association’s advocate.

Onsite visits allow RMs to better understand Association business processes and needs. RMs, in turn, share these needs with the appropriate teams within AgFirst. Association visits to the Bank are welcomed and encouraged as they serve to further strengthen the partnership.

Our RM team members serve on a range of committees, workgroups and District initiatives. The RM team is a conduit for sharing ideas and best practices within the AgFirst District and serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration among Associations and the Bank.