Loan Origination

Our suite of loan origination tools provides integrated solutions to help Associations efficiently lend to agricultural borrowers across all lines of business, including commercial, consumer, mortgage, home equity LOCs and point of sale.

Our tools help Associations manage, track and stay up-to-date with lending activity throughout the lending process. Automated workflows guide loan origination, modification and ongoing portfolio management tasks. During the lending process, our suite of solutions enables Associations to:

  • Easily process loan applications for all eligible commercial and consumer credits.
  • Price loans and lock rates through the AgFirst Pricing System.
  • Perform comprehensive underwriting, including credit analysis.
  • Utilize scoring and rescoring to determine creditworthiness and support automatic decisions.
  • Generate credit presentations.
  • Perform due diligence tracking.
  • Request appraisals.
  • Track and monitor pre- and post-closing tasks.
  • Manage approvals.
  • Generate disclosures and loan documents, including all applicable state, federal and Farm Credit requirements.
  • Automatically upload loans to our loan accounting systems.
  • Facilitate portfolio management.

Commercial and consumer compliance is a core competency of AgFirst. Our current loan origination solution, Credit Delivery, provides a fully integrated document solution that automatically generates documents for most types of commercial and consumer transactions, including the recently enacted Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Integrated Disclosure requirements (TILA-RESPA). AgFirst’s Legal and Operations teams collaborate with Associations, outside counsel and industry advisors to ensure our disclosures, loan documents, system triggers and related processes are accurate and timely. Our documentation complies with all state, federal and Farm Credit requirements. In addition to standard disclosures, our extensive library of mortgages, deeds, notes and Association custom documents offer an expansive portfolio of loan documents to support Association lending.

Lending Lifecycle Initiative

While our existing suite of loan origination solutions serves our District well, AgFirst continues to work toward expanding our tools and further automating business processes. AgFirst is engaged in an effort known as the Lending Lifecycle Initiative. This is a key initiative for AgFirst and an important part of our commitment to innovation and providing leading solutions for our Association partners.

Features include:

  • A flexible, end-to-end workflow platform for all aspects of the lending process.
  • A highly configurable user interface and business rules engine that can meet current and future process needs, business strategy and regulatory requirements.
  • The ability to consolidate data from disparate applications and data repositories to provide an integrated 360-degree view of the customer.
  • Work queue management, task notification and completion, and day-to-day portfolio management specific to each user.
  • Comprehensive approaches to analyzing customer credit quality, managing the credit approval hierarchy and monitoring ongoing credit compliance within the lending portfolio.
  • Automated legal document preparation and booking transactions while managing drawdowns, disbursements, and the monitoring of past dues and upcoming renewals.

The tools provided by the Lending Lifecycle Initiative will position the District with leading software solutions to support loan origination. Once enhancements to our end-to-end lending solutions are complete, Associations will be even better positioned to optimize their lending processes and improve their ability to:

  • Be more customer-centric.
  • Reduce costs through operational efficiency.
  • Proactively manage the portfolio and ensure regulatory compliance.

This is a substantial initiative with many complex project tasks and milestones. We are working with our Association partners and vendors to complete extensive design and integration efforts.