AccountAccess is an Internet-based solution that allows customers to access their loan accounts any time of day to perform a variety of tasks. Key features that AccountAccess offers include:

  • Account details. For example, loan purpose, loan principal, interest paid year-to-date, date of last payment and next scheduled payment information.
  • Loan history (rolling 16 months).
  • Ability to download copies of tax documents, billing statements and annual loan history statements.
  • Ability to make loan payments that are drafted from a commercial checking or savings account.
  • Ability to make draws from a commercial line of credit that are credited to a commercial checking or savings account.

AccountAccess also includes a mobile app for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App stores and branded with the Association’s name and logo.

In addition to providing Association support for AccountAccess, the AgFirst Customer Support Center (CSC) also offers borrower support for platform issues or questions. Participating Associations are able to direct customer inquiries regarding AccountAccess directly to CSC for technical support. Contact information on the website also directs borrowers to the AgFirst Customer Support number. This benefit allows Associations to maintain a focus on loan-related questions while CSC can focus on systematic issues or concerns. Another advantage of this service is additional hours of support. Since CSC is open from 7:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. (Eastern time) seven days a week, borrowers have the opportunity to speak to an analyst well beyond normal banking business hours.

Associations that use the extended service can also have CSC proactively follow-up with customers who are locked out of their accounts. Under this option, if a borrower is locked out of the system due to multiple failed login attempts, AccountAccess will automatically email Customer Support. When Customer Support receives this notice, they will attempt to contact the user, unlock the account and offer additional support. Borrowers frequently express appreciation for this proactive service.

Sweep Accounts

AgFirst offers two sweep account products that can link a customer’s commercial line of credit to either a Bank of America or Wells Fargo checking account. If a customer’s commercial checking account has a deficit balance, the system will automatically draw funds from the customer’s line of credit. When excess funds are available in the checking account, they will be used to pay down the line of credit. If there are still excess funds after paying down the line of credit, the customer has the option to have such funds automatically transferred to an investment account.

AgriLine Checks

Customers can also initiate draws on their commercial line of credit using the AgriLine checks product. The customer is provided a checkbook that can be used to write checks to suppliers and vendors. When the checks clear, they are automatically drawn against their commercial line of credit.