AgFirst is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy of the information we process, store and/or transmit from unauthorized access or use. We use a multifaceted defense-in-depth strategy derived from industry best practices that includes organizational, physical, technical and administrative measures to protect the information we receive, process, store and/or transmit over public and private networks. Through comprehensive risk-based modeling, AgFirst continuously strives to advance and adapt, developing incremental improvements in its information security risk management, data protection and security capabilities to remain agile and responsive to the ever-changing cyberthreat landscape and dynamic industry best practices.

Adherence to Industry Standards

Furthermore, in these efforts, AgFirst recognizes the importance of aligning to the NIST Special Publications on Cybersecurity of prevention, detection, response and recovery, as well as a Presidential Executive Order issued on May 11, 2017. As a result, AgFirst maintains a Fusion Center that contains a team of technology and security experts with backgrounds in the military, Department of Defense, and financial services. The team works together in steadfast collaboration to constantly maintain defenses against cyberthreats. AgFirst is also a premiere member of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). The FS-ISAC was established by the financial services sector in 1999 in response to Presidential Directive 63. That directive – later updated in 2003 by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 – mandated that the public and private sectors share information about physical security and cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to help protect the country’s critical infrastructure. This led to a coordination of activities between the commercial sector and the public sector to advance cyberdefense capabilities. To that end, FS-ISAC membership is recommended by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States Secret Service, and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council. In fact, both the U.S. Treasury and U.S. DHS rely on the FS-ISAC to disseminate critical information to the financial services sector in times of crisis. The FS-ISAC is actively working with government entities in other countries, as well as regional Community Emergency Response Teams and industry associations, to meet the local and regional requirements of members worldwide.

Commitment to Seamless Security

Cyberattacks targeting systems and data throughout the world are constantly increasing in volume, sophistication and malevolency. In AgFirst’s commitment to seamless security, we believe it is imperative that any third-party service provider used also understands the risks associated with these attacks. Our third-party providers must implement appropriate security actions to successfully manage the confidentiality, integrity and availability consistent with NIST 800-171r1 cybersecurity standards, as well as other NIST 800 special publications on cybersecurity and all other applicable industry regulations and standards.