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AgFirst internships are designed to promote academic, career and/or personal development while providing our future business leaders with the knowledge and skills required to become successful in their chosen career field. Our interns gain real-world experiences, which they can apply to their classroom learning and future career development.

AgFirst fosters an open and collaborative work atmosphere, while providing a wide range of development programs to help interns better integrate into the job market once they graduate.

AgFirst production credit analysis intern Shawn Cromer and his experience at AgFirst.


AgFirst Internship Program participants will experience:

  • Intentional learning objective goals that are structured into the experience and supervised by a professional with relevant and related background in the field.
  • Academic, career and/or personal development.
  • Learning objectives, observation, reflection and evaluation.
  • Hands-on experience learning and using the latest software and technologies on the market.
  • The opportunity to support AgFirst's purpose, mission, vision and goals.
  • Short- or long-term internships: three months or longer.

AgFirst interns also have the opportunity to develop valuable connections with professionals who can support them as they begin their job search. Not only can these connections advocate for them with potential employers, they can also give our interns tips during the application process.

After completing the AgFirst internship program, students will be better prepared for their chosen careers through real-world experiences. Not only do our interns gain valuable experiences, they bring new ideas to their jobs, which can directly impact AgFirst programs. We value the energy and innovative ideas that interns bring to the table. Our internship program also provides our Talent Development Team the opportunity to select and develop future talent to support broad transformations in the industry and emerging career fields, including capital markets, cybersecurity, technology and application development, software and IT support, and more.

Find out more about AgFirst’s internship programs by contacting AgFirst Talent Acquisition Internship Coordinator Olivia Scott at or 803.973.9593.