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AgFirst, partners launch AgBizInfo for young, beginning and small farmers

Education plays a vital role in helping young, beginning and small (YBS) farmers plan for a successful future. To equip these farmers with tools to succeed, AgFirst – in collaboration its affiliated Associations and other Farm Credit partners – recently launched This new online hub supports farmers with resources for starting, managing and growing their operations. 

“Our goal with AgBizInfo is to provide a one-stop resource for farmers who are just starting out or operating on a smaller scale,” said Juan Silvera, AgFirst Chief Marketing Officer. “Farm Credit understands the unique challenges these farmers face and can provide valuable educational materials, useful tools and financing options tailored to their specific needs.” 

Whether individuals are venturing into their first ag business or are an established small farmer, provides articles, videos, podcasts, tools and other resources to help them make sense of the farming business. Visitors will find information on:

  • Business Planning. Resources for developing a roadmap to achieve business and farming goals. 
  • Farm Management. Advice on workforce development and management tips for maximizing an operation. 
  • Financing. Expert. advice to guide individuals through the unique financing needs of a farming operation and connect them to a local Farm Credit lender. 
  • Marketing. Tips on raising a farm’s brand awareness and attracting new business. 
  • Infrastructure. Guidance on how to best design an operation’s framework – from adding structures to installing irrigation systems and more. 
  • Estate and Transition Planning. Guidance for transitioning a farm to the next generation. 

One of the standout features of is its user-friendly design, enabling visitors to filter content based on their areas of interest or by local lenders that contribute content to the platform. This ensures farmers can easily navigate the site and find helpful resources for a range of topics, from learning more about risk mitigation and business development to expanding a customer base and more. The site is designed to be accessible on all devices ensuring that information is always within reach. 

Additionally, visitors can use the site to find their local Farm Credit Association to explore financing options and access lending know-how. The partnership with these associations, other Farm Credit institutions and additional trusted partners ensures that the website is a robust and well-rounded resource, featuring a wide array of expertise and regional knowledge. This collaboration allows the platform to provided relevant materials for farmers’ various needs. 

The future of agriculture depends on the success of the current and future generations of farmers. AgFirst and our partners are proud to be at the forefront of helping YBS farmers take their next steps to ensure agriculture thrives for the long term. 

Discover the tools and resources available to young, beginning and small farmers by visiting

AgBizInfo website homepage