About Us

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank is part of the nationwide Farm Credit System, created more than 100 years ago with the sole mission of serving rural communities and agriculture. We are proud to come from a heritage of service and even prouder that we are continuing to fulfill that mission today. At AgFirst and throughout Farm Credit, we help rural communities thrive and keep the wheels of agriculture turning.

Farm Credit’s focus is on the customer. We provide loans for farmers to run or upgrade their operations, classes for new farmers getting into the business and mortgages for those looking for a country home. And we have the experts who are experienced in lending, farming and rural life to help you along the way. Get started today to find the right product to meet your needs! Find a Lender or keep reading to learn more.

Farm Credit is split into four territories. AgFirst provides funding to 19 affiliated Associations and services to 20 Associations throughout 18 Eastern states and Puerto Rico that can help you find the right loan to fit your needs. AgFirst operates as a federated cooperative, which means we provide funding to our affiliated Associations and they own AgFirst and share in our profits. In turn, their customers – the farmers and rural homeowners who borrow from them – own the Associations. They elect and serve on the board of directors and share in the profits.

AgFirst provides a broad range of services to keep our Associations running efficiently. We give Associations of any size the power to compete with much larger financial institutions. We provide a variety of technology solutions, as well as a wide swath of services. We can help Associations securely store and access sensitive customer data, provide mobile access to their customers and develop and execute a marketing campaign to help them grow business. We have teams of creative and technologically savvy employees dedicated to helping Associations further their mission. Check out our products and services.